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      About us

      As an industry leader of PTFE (Teflon) & Silicone coatings and impregnating processes ,Our main products (PTFE Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabrics, PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belts) are widely used in industry. And our PTFE civil products (Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat,Non-stick Oven liner,Non-stick cooker liner) are widely used in kitchen area as the the BBQ utensils and Baking ware. Ningbo Changwei Technology & Materials Co., Ltd. has accumulated experience and research and development in this field over at last twenty years and has established itself early as an industry leader, as well as the largest manufacturer in this industry in China. In order to further expand our overseas market and improve the quality of the exporting service , we had established our international department for many years. And our export percentage more than 80% annually.

      Owners of the well known Changwei Brand of specialized Heat Resistant and Non-Stick Fabrics,Belts, Tapes, Technical Fabrics and Adhesives, We supply Our high-quality products to more than 50 countries all over the wold. We also concentrate in inventing and researching solutions to treat all problems in the industrial processes. It is widely use in Seamless Antistatic Garment Fusing Belts, Food Processing Conveyor Belts, Baking Liners & Grilling Mats, Tapes for the Aerospace, Automotive and Electronic Industries, Special Technical Fabrics for the construction of Wind Power Equipment, for the prevention of Corrosion, Packaging Processes and many other applications.

      Being one of the main manufacturer of non-stick and high temperature resistance solutions in the world,Ningbo Changwei designs, manufactures, and commercializes a broad range of non-stick cookware and Barbecue utensils throughout the world. Using Changwei's non-stick products save time, money and reduce waste in our environment. Non-stick Baking Mats are made with Food Grade Approved Fiberglass Fabric, and Food Contact Approved PTFE and Silicone rubber. Our non-stick products are completely safe in contact with food and are FDA, NSF and LFGB approved and certified.

      In a word, as the leader in the industry, quality is our culture. We believe that providing our customers with a consistent level of quality that meets or exceeds their requirements and delivery these quality products in a timely manner at the best possible prices are key to the long-term success of our company. Our team approach actively encourages a partnership with our customers, our employees in a commitment towards continuous improvement, innovation and quality.



      Contact: Miss Cassie

      Phone: 0086 18395896609

      Tel: 0086 18395896609

      Email: service@teflonfiberglass.com

      Add: Changwei Industrial Park, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. Zip code: 315100